Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no no no no, it's ok,i understand.

Assalamualaikum.  salam to all :)

It's 3 am in the morning n i'm here, still wide awake.  Why, u ask? well, for a particular reason, of course.  didn't meant it, but my silly fingers just HAD to click on this 'special' person's blog.. not that it has a very catchy layout (eww!) or whatsoever, just that there are very few, significant sentences that draw my attention.  yup. the ones in English. haha. pity you.. let me ask u, long did u take to create those few,very bad sentences? i can bet u,dear.. the toddlers from shah alam's kindergarten have far,better grammar than you! :D but i wonder, how can a so-called *educated person like you ( *based on sources, but i'm preetty sure they're wrong) have very low level of English compared to those cute kids? haha. OK, by now, i can tell that someone is there to help u calm down...and finish reading this off. OH! i pity that fella... hope he/she doesn't have to involve in carrying you up from the floor or anything like that,coz if they do,, PHEWHH.. can they do it?i mean,u know :-/ hahahaha. u can say all u want about MY english, coz i know YOUR level, dear :) Oh my dearie,dearie love.. i know u love me:) you're here to check out my updates right? which panties im wearing u ask? ok sayang, the red one..the red one tonight :) Stalk me all u want,dear.. while you're at it, why not watch Jack and the Beanstalk?  get it? Stalk?Beanstalk? hahaha. oh.. not funny u say? send in your jokes,then.. get some help from those cute kids..i'd be very happy to read. GuguGaga! :Pp

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